Shocking revelations: when the Telethon finances the suffering of dogs

While the telethon will take place this weekend , PETA France (For Ethics in the Treatment of Animals) has just released a video of the association Animal Testing. Shocking images reveal the miserable life of laboratory dogs, the first victims of the Telethon.

Do donations to the AFM-Telethon to contribute to medical research help finance the horror? This is what this video tends to demonstrate. The images show behind the scenes, the reality behind the famous television marathon that takes place every year.

See the PETA video survey and Animal Testing:

A life of agony

We see dogs from the neurobiology laboratory of the National Veterinary School of Alfort. Guinea pigs, therefore, which are used for the experiments financed by the AFM-Telethon. These dogs are born with muscular dystrophy (Duchenne muscular dystrophy, among others), a disease that inflicts a disabling and painful muscle breakdown. Dogs are born to agonize a few months before dying without reaching adulthood A life of suffering where every day is a struggle to walk, eat and even breathe . In a hidden camera, one of the laboratory's staff even admits: "The Beagle, I would not like to be in his place. Suffering, she is real.

Noting "decades of painful experiences on generations of weakened dogs" who "failed to bring about a cure or even a treatment that could reverse muscular dystrophy in humans", PETA calls for "an immediate stop of these cruel and useless experiments."

PETA-Free Animal Research

also encourages a "more promising" animal-free research, recalling that state-of-the-art techniques, such as the use of stem cells from patients with DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) to develop targeted remedies, the development of healthy human muscle cell culture methods that could be transplanted to a patient with DM and the development of human-friendly drug evaluation tools led to the development of more promising therapies .

At the Veterinary School from Maisons-Alfort, a representative of the laboratory admits that the funding could be lost if the general public came to discover what donations hide: "It is certain that if we show them our myopathic dogs, it risks to make them lose a lot of money . That's the money from the Telethon. It's used for that research. It's a deterrent for people. ". Two days before the event, the revelations of this survey may well have a boomerang effect.

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