Shelter Reigns Pit Bull Image and Raises Adoptions

The Fairfax Refuge in Virginia has decided to showcase its animals and especially his Pit Bull. An action that has paid off and is incredibly increasing the rate of adoption of this breed sometimes considered wrong, dangerous.

It seems that the Pit Bulls are not so scary anymore than they were before. is partly thanks to actions such as Fairfax County Animal Shelter . Often discriminated against and abandoned, Pit Bulls are overrepresented in US shelters and their adoption rate is lower than other breeds. Everywhere except at the Fairfax Shelter Rebecca Corry, a Pit Bull photographer is practicing his art to showcase this breed.

The Pit Bull Enhancement

photographer stages dogs to promote their adoption. They can be seen playing with other dogs or cats, chasing after a ball and even training with the local football team. And it works ! Out of nearly 4,500 animals (all breeds) only 3 Pit Bulls were adopted in 2006, compared to 40 in 2013 . This good publicity has allowed the center to obtain a placement rate of 90%.

Here we can see Bam Bam who trains with the DC team in Northern Virginia. " He is a vigorous and adorable dog who needs a sporty man to look after him" , says Shelter spokeswoman Kristen Auerbach at HuffingtonPost .