Sheepdogs to preserve Cheetahs in Namibia

Every year in Namibia, dozens of wild felines are killed because they represent a threat to livestock . The Cheetah Protection Fund then decided to protect animals and farmers, while preventing predators from being slaughtered. For this Fund, the ideal solution is using

have been used since the dawn of time to protect livestock from predators that roam around farms. This is why they were called "sheepdogs". But today, in developed countries, these dogs are less and less used for this function, and tend to become "simple" pet dogs. In Namibia, it's the opposite: the Cheetah Conservation Fund (Cheetah Conservation Fund, CCF) has decided to reinvent the concept of the sheepdog and adapt it to local issues, AFP reports. Cheetahs: a threat for livestock?

In the 1980s, nearly 10,000 cheetahs, considered cattle killers, were killed essentially not farmers, or up to a thousand per year. So, today, there are only 10 000 cheetahs left in the world (4 000 in Namibia). Faced with this sad fact, the CCF wanted to react in order to prevent farmers from killing wild animals .

To do this, the Fund relies on the precious help given by sheepdogs. Brought up by ecologists, Anatolian herdsmen are set to protect Namibian farms: "

Dogs protect the herd, so farmers do not have to kill predators ," says Laurie Marker, director of the CCF. " This is a non-lethal predator control method. It's ecological, everyone is happy, it's win-win. "she explains to AFP " She must be a goat"

In practice, puppies are integrated into the flock at an early age . They eat, go out and sleep with the cattle, so that they are fully used to it. Retha Joubert, breeder of goats and sheep, and owner of a dog named! Nussie, testifies: " She must associate with the goats, she must be a goat, she is part of a group, and it is the main element to protect animals .

The presence of a dog in a herd is effective

Barking is enough to keep predators away. Thanks to his dog, Retha Joubert lost only one animal last year, against 60 in 2008. Similarly, the CCF notes a " decrease in the loss of livestock from 80 to 100%, which be the predator, when farmers have the

dog. Proof that the system works, even though only 450 dogs were placed in 19 years. Sacrifice a dog to save a cheetah However, such a success at a counterpart. Indeed, saving the lives of cheetahs sometimes requires the sacrifice of a dog. None of them are immune to