She wanted to adopt a dog, sees a man with a bag and can not help but take a picture

It's so touching.

Madison Sorrel was in a shelter in Oklahoma to adopt a dog and give her a new life. But what she really did not expect was to have the heart all returned after this visit .

During her visit to the shelter, she crosses an old man holding a plastic bag. In the bag are dozens of tennis balls. When she hears why he comes to the shelter with all these bullets, she decides to take a photo to immortalize this very beautiful action .

"I wanted to take a picture and share it on Facebook because this meeting really lit up my day.

If the old man was there with bullets, that's all just in memory of his beloved dog recently deceased. A simple gesture but a very nice attention to want to offer joy to other animals instead of just being sad. This is how to make sense of the death of his dog.

For its part, the shelter also greeted the gesture of this old man explaining that they needed all the gifts and that no gesture was useless

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