She walks her dog, hears a noise and does not believe her eyes

A really unexpected meeting!

Educator of dogs and passionate about animals, Erika Slovikoski had a nice surprise as she was walking her dog. As they walk quietly, Erika and her dog suddenly hear a strange noise coming a little further . Immediately, Erika Slovikoski recognizes the sounds of a dog and rushes to help her, while taking out her phone to record the scene.

As she approaches, Erika discovers a 12-year-old Pekingese dog without collar . After asking the people around if the dog was theirs, Erika decides to take her with her to see if it is possible to find his masters thanks to a chip .

And to everyone's surprise, the dog was well identified. Called Mooshu, he had gone for less than 10 years ! So he was able to return to his family who was undoubtedly delighted to see their dog, gone for so long!

The proof that we must never lose hope.

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