She uses dog's hair to knit scarves!

Forget the classic sheep wool, cashmere, and other outdated materials! So prefer dog hair to spend a warm winter !

Inspired by his dog

This funny idea, a named Marie-Josée, a resident of Fougerolles in Haute-Saône , has decided to exploit it. It came to him thanks to his faithful companion Austin, a magnificent Belgian Shepherd with an incredibly soft coat .

" As soon as I had Austin, I had bad to throw the undercoat that I removed from his chest and his sides when I brushed It was too soft ", she tells the site of The New Republic

In 2009, Marie-Josée started as a self-entrepreneur, having learned to spin, and took the time to think about this amazing project.

A knitted scarf with the hairs of a Polish Shepherd

" I looked for someone who could teach me how to go, I was lucky to find a lady in Orleans, and I looked on the Internet, too. I registered on a forum and a spinner from Belfort gave me the tricks of the trade " explains it

Turn the hair of your dogs into balls or caps!

Thanks to his motivation, his talent, and word of mouth, the ma Austin's braid was able to quickly make a name .

Soon, "some breeders brought me hair from their dogs" tells the one who can today boast of Knitting scarfs, hats, gloves and warm headbands with the hairs of all kinds of dogs , from the Husky to the German Shepherd, through the Collie, or even Newfoundland.

Sometimes, Marie-Josée is content to spin the hair of the dogs that private individuals send him , to make them beautiful balls.

These balls were made with hair of mountain dog of the Pyrenees

"It takes 40 grams of hair for a headband and 150 for a scarf. People send me the sorted and combed hair of their dog. Either I give them a ball (10 €), they transform at will, or I create myself winter accessories " she says.

Want to warm up thanks to Marie-Josée's creations Her scarves are sold for about 60 euros, and her hats are 35 euros, visit her website to find out more!