She transforms into a hat the hairs of your dogs

" You will not feel the wet dog " assures the creator of hair hats dog on the camera of France 3 .

It was while brushing his Léonberger that Michèle Royer had the good idea to recycle the dog's hair to make wool canine . She then creates the company Canislana .

A wool soft, warm and unique!

Soft and hot, the wool of dog is harvested only by brushing during the moult and artisanal work

Two hours spinning spinning is necessary to obtain a skein of 50 grams which will be washed and converted into pelota (sold about 13 €).

In addition to being natural, this technique allows you to wear the hair of your own pet which will be the basis of unique clothing with a sentimental value.

Interested? You can send the hair of your doggies to Michèle by the form Facebook or on the Canislana .