She throws a cat in the trash, the web chases

When a woman attacks without justification to a cat taking it by the neck skin to throw , the web community goes wild and finds .

Saturday, at the end of the day, a woman Mature walks quietly through the streets of Coventry , England. A domesticated cat advances on the wall along the sidewalk and approaches her. It's Lola , the neighbor's cat, and she's not shy for two cents!

The woman caresses the cat for a few seconds... Then catches her by the neck skin for the throw in the dumpster of the house. A totally unexplained gesture!

Lola, Stephanie and Darryl owners have a surveillance camera in front of their driveway for safety reasons.

It's been 15 hours have no news of their cat Lola when they discover with stupor the images of their surveillance camera: it clearly distinguishes the woman throw their cat in their own trash!

Lola, a cat survivor of the refuge and adorable with everyone, is happily in perfect health. But Stephanie and Darryl are green with rage; how can one commit such an act?

They then decide to massively publish the video on the Internet . The copies of the video are multiplying, the media seize the news... And the woman who had this unfortunate gesture is found by the RSCPA (equivalent of our SPA ).

She will soon be asked about the reasons for her act of cruelty towards an animal. On the other hand, the British police keep the woman in question at the helm, because the death threats against them have multiplied on the Internet and her face is known to all.

unhappy gesture will suffice!