She believes her dog is barking at a cat, but when she comes near she starts screaming (Video)

A scene she will never forget.

It all starts a few days ago, in South Africa. As she walks quietly with her dog Georgie, Keevy is surprised when he begins to bark frantically and pull her to a well nearby. At first, Charmaine Keevy immediately thinks that the dog has felt a cat and wants to continue, but she still decides to make sure by going to see more closely what is found in this well.

It was there that Charmaine Keevy heard a cry that froze the blood . And that had nothing to do with a cat's meow.

A scene hardly believable

Charmaine Keevy then rushes to the well which is covered with a thick concrete slab . Unable to move her alone, she asks for help from passersby, but no one answers. It's finally a 60-year-old man who comes to help him.

With the help of tools, they start moving the concrete slab and realize it's a baby calling for help. The man then jumps into the well and discovers a frosty girl, frightened and surrounded by red ants. He then takes the picture of the police and takes the baby out of the well before calling for help.


A real miracle

Brought to the hospital, the little girl who still had her cord Umbilical was immediately taken care of. Grace April was called by members of the hospital, the girl was suffering from hypothermia and respiratory problems.

The police are actively seeking the mother of the little girl. Anyway, for this baby to be at the bottom of this well, it was necessary for someone to take the time to move the concrete slab, then to lay the baby and put back the slab.

A really horrible act even if everything ends well.

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