She takes her dog to the vet, he makes a radio and understands that everyone had all wrong

An operation that will remain in the annals!

Maisy is a Saint Bernard from England aged 8 years. Recently, the dog changed behavior and lost her appetite. Worried, his mistress Jane Dickinson decided to take him to the vet promptly to take stock .

There she heard something that all pet owners fear : Bad news

A bitch in danger?

On the scanner, you can see a huge mass near the Maisy's spleen. Right away, the vet thinks of a cancerous tumor. In an emergency, Maisy was taken to the Paragon Veterinary Referrals so that she could have surgery because it was her last chance to cure a tumor as important .

But the vet had a big surprise by proceeding to the operation. By opening the bitch to remove the spleen, the veterinarian immediately notices that his stomach is very wide. On closer inspection, he finds several stuffed animals .

In reality, Maisy did not suffer from cancer! Once the stuffed animals removed from her stomach, the dog was able to return home and she is now in top form. She will still have to explain to her Chihuahua brothers where all their stuffed animals go!

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