She takes care of a kitten of a few grams, 1 year later the change is huge

Impressive as Little Fry has changed in a few months!

Hannah Shaw is a regular in distressed animals. So when she heard about a cat mom and her 5 kittens in distress, she did not hesitate for a long time before taking them under her wing, even if she usually takes care of orphan kittens.

That's how she went to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington. On the spot, she is shocked to discover that the smallest kitten of the litter weighs less than 180 grams .

"Small Fry was really smaller than her siblings. She was so thin that I could feel each of her bones. »

Immediately, Hannah takes the little cat to the vet who explains that she has breathing problems and that her belly is full of air. Determined to get her out of there, Hannah does not get scared and takes care of Small Fry day and night, feeding her a tube and giving her three different treatments. For her part, the little cat is also very courageous and struggles every day to survive.

A real little swing

Four days after the start of her shock treatment, Small Fry finally starts showing signs of improvement. She even manages to wash herself! An incredible progress that also meant that she was ready to feed and breathed better. Seven days later, she had already taken more than twice her weight!

As the days go by, Small Fry became friends with his sister Putin and they became perfectly inseparable despite a big difference in size ! Hannah decided that they should be adopted together when they are ready.

And that's what happened. Today, Small Fry and Putin are spending happy days in their family for life where they can spend long hours playing and cuddling. They are now a year old, and the change is really impressive!

A new proof of the importance of the host families.

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