She spends the night at the clinic comforting a sick puppy she does not know

It was when she saw a photo on Facebook that she made this great decision.

Four months old, Majesty is a small Pitbull female who was hospitalized in a veterinary clinic for canine parvovirosis. Serious and often fatal disease affecting the intestines

"The person who came to the dog told the owners that she had her vaccinations and they did not ask for evidence. They decided to trust, it was a bad idea , "says Hayley Baer.

A nice company

Even though Majesty was not proposed at all for adoption and had already a family, Hayley Baer could not help but offer him some of his time and his love. It must be said that she had lost her Pitbull a few weeks ago. It is therefore natural that she goes to the veterinary clinic to see the little bitch .

On the spot, the veterinary team announces that Majesty has only 50% chance of survive this virus. A terrible news for Hayley Baer who understands that she can not leave her alone . She then asks to spend the night with Majesty and the team agrees. A mattress is even installed for her alongside the young bitch. But Hayley Baer will sleep very little that night.

During the night, Majesty did not want to get away from her new friend and spent most of her time with her on her mattress . The next morning, the dog was already better and every day her health improved to the delight of everyone.

Back in her family, Majesty is now in great shape. This thanks to all the love of Hayley Baer. A mutual help since this beautiful meeting also helped Hayley Baer to mourn his own dog .

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