She sees her son entering the neighbors 'home, when she understands she is upset

First shocked to see her son enter the neighbors without permission, this mother quickly had tears in her eyes understanding the

One evening, Ginger Clement connects to his Facebook account and comes across a video of his son posted by the neighbors. At first a little annoyed to see that her son is entered the neighbors without being invited , the mother then understands what happened.

On this video, we can see the child arrive by bike and stop in front of the house next door to get in there. A few seconds later, the child is giving the neighbor a huge hug and runs away as soon as he hears footsteps, afraid to be scolded.

A child in love with dogs

Immediately, Ginger Clement understands that his son still has not recovered from the death of his dog a year ago. A complicated moment to live for the little boy who was close to his dog.

On the neighbors' side, everyone found this little boy adorable, who comes to cuddle the dog. Through this post on Facebook, the family next door actually wanted to invite the little boy to come when he wanted to see their dog.

"We wanted to tell him that he is more than welcome and that everyone appreciates the love that he gives to our dog at each of his passages with us.

Delighted to learn that he could come as he pleased, the little boy came back the same day to take a selfie with Duchess and make him some pudgy. A true beautiful love story

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