She sees her dog search the snow, when she approaches she pushes a little cry (Video)

In such situations, you have to keep calm.

In a particularly cold winter, Lily and her mistress were in their garden when Lily became particularly interested in a specific place . The dog seems to search the snow with its muzzle

Intrigued, her mistress approaches to see what it is and she sees a small dark shadow in the snow. Approaching a little more, she realizes that it is a small totally frozen bird

A necessary rescue

Not really knowing what to do, the mistress Lily rushes inside the house to take a small blanket in order to warm the poor bird. But suddenly, another idea comes up.

She then rushes into her bathroom and retrieves a hair dryer. Once back in the garden, she puts the bird in a basin before approaching its entrance. There, she turns on her hair dryer and gently warms the little bird

And there, under his eyes, the little bird starts to come back to life, as you can see in the superb video

The proof that one should never lose hope

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