She saves a stray cat and discovers that he is totally out of the ordinary

Here is a cat with more than one string to his bow

It all started when Julie heard meows not far from her home. She goes out to see who needs her help and finds a kitten hidden behind a bike. Frightened by the approach, the kitten runs away and hides . Julie then contacts her husband for some help. Arrived on the spot, the husband - named Bryan - quickly manages to secure the kitten which is covered with fleas and tiny.

A newcomer to the house

At first, Julie and Bryan count quickly find a house for the kitten named Jones. But the latter had decided otherwise and quickly made it clear to everyone - dogs in the house with - that he was not going anywhere . Over time, the dogs have totally accepted the little ball of hair and his antics.

But Jones is not quite a cat like the others ...

Instagram post by A School Just For Cats

A cat-dog

Very quickly, Jones the kitten wanted to do everything his dog friends did. He started attending all of Julie's dressage lessons to learn new tricks and was astonishingly talented !

In just a few days, Jones and Julie even managed to put in place a very specific handshake. Now, Jones is a true learning pro and his mistress shares his exploits on social media on a regular basis.

Instagram post by A School Just For Cats

As for Julie's secret to teaching tricks to her cat, she has already answered: this is the positive reinforcement based on treats and cuddles . A method that clearly bears fruit.

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