She saves a little kitten drowning, 24 hours later...

She is so small...

As she was walking with her children, a woman suddenly heard desperate meowing. Following the meows, she discovers a tiny kitten trying to keep her head out of the water in a gutter.

She then contacts the rescue group "Animals Lebanon" which carries out the city of Beirut to help animals. Immediately, Lana El-Khalil goes on the spot and rescues the kitten who was in severe hypothermia after staying in icy water .

Taken to the vet, the kitten is everything immediately warmed with warm towels. It was impossible to know if the kitten could get away, but the members of "Animals Lebanon" did not want to give up.

24 hours later, the little cat had decided to fight . Hungry, she began to devour everything she was given, realizing that she would never go hungry again. When she finally understood that her life would never be the same, she slowly began to calm down and relax.

More and more playful, the little pussy takes pleasure to rest and has even become the queen of purrs with Maggie Shaarawi, her foster mom. Better yet, she also befriended Maggie's mom, Alzheimer's.

Now named Jessy, the little cat that was drowning in a gutter is now happy and growing every day.

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