She saves a dog by spending two nights near him in the chilling cold

How many dogs risked their lives to save humans? And how many humans have shown themselves ready to put themselves in danger for animals? Denise Lauffer, a 40-year-old New Yorker, did it. Owner of 4 dogs, all found on the street, this animal lover regularly feeds Charlie, a dog who has always lived in a nearby park , Highbridge Park.

Two nights in a dog house, by - 13 ° C

But last week, the northeastern United States was hit by a cold snap. Very worried about this dog at least ten years old, who lacked strength even to eat the food she brought him, Denise decided to build him a makeshift shelter . She laid out a niche as comfortable as possible, then spent two whole nights huddled against the dog to keep it warm.

Touched by this devotion, other locals decided to come in turn help Charlie. Some had already made it a habit to feed him. Covers, clothes, hot meals, bottles of hot water and handwashers: each wanted to contribute while the temperature was -13 ° C.

"We are dedicated to save her life "

Last Sunday, after three days of extreme cold, Charlie's new friends managed to coax him into a car and drive him to a vet . Transferred to a hospital, the dog sleeps indoors for the first time in at least 10 years.

Charlie needs hip surgery and a lot of expensive care. Denise then launched an appeal for donations on the Internet In just a few days, more than $ 9000 (8000 €) was raised .

Charlie has always lived in the same Park. He was initially accompanied by a pack of stray dogs. All of them are gone or have been captured by the pound, and almost 5 years ago that he lives alone , his human friends aside. "Charlie has always been too smart to let himself be trapped by humans"

"Those who know him love him deeply," Denise Lauffer says. "We are dedicated to saving his life."