She returns home late and films a pony dog ​​(Video of the day)

A scene downright crazy!

It was in the city of Springfield, Missouri, that a woman witnessed a scene as unforgettable as crazy. As she was coming home late into the night, she noticed a bit of commotion in the nearby field and decided to get a closer look at what it was all about. And the least we can say is that she did not expect at all, but then not at all !

A totally crazy moment

There, in the neighbor's field, she sees a Corgi perched on the back of a pony! A barely believable scene that the woman shared on social networks. In just a few hours, the video was a great success and went around the world.

Following this sharing, the woman received many questions that she wanted to answer. She explained that she had not put the dog on the pony's back. In addition, she added that no one had been injured in the maneuver and that if the pony has a problem, it has nothing to do with this anecdote. She also said that the dog belongs to its neighbors and that it is very close to the pony.

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