She refuses to help her dog whose puppies died in utero for the worst of all

In Illinois, USA, a woman is actively sought for cruelty to animals. Indeed, she refused to help her pregnant bitch to give birth to her puppies dead in utero, causing a serious infection.

Another good sad story . A few days ago, in the United States, a woman abandoned her female Pitbull in a shelter, explaining that she had just found her and that she was not hers. After a quick investigation, the police discover that the dog was her own.

A bitch in great suffering

In reality, the bitch was in great suffering after not having been able to give birth . According to the American media, his mistress would have refused the help of an association that offered to pay for cesarean section and sterilize the dog. And for good reason because she hoped to have her litter afterwards!

The puppies are then dead in the womb of their mother where they have been stuck for several days, causing an important infection that has caused the dog to suffer a lot.

An ongoing survey

Hosted at the Hope Animal Rescue shelter, the bitch has today been fortunate enough to find a new family to continue her life in better conditions. The association had to spend 6,000 dollars to put it on legs.

Hope Animal Rescues

Its former human is currently eagerly sought so that she can answer for her deeds.

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