She recovers her cat, adopted by another family, 5 years after her disappearance

It has been nearly five years since Dhenai Veale, an Australian living in Bellbrae in the state of Victoria, had no news of Barnie, her beloved black and white cat. The tomcat had disappeared one day very heavy rain and after seeking everywhere for weeks, his human had finally resigned, persuaded that his four-legged companion was washed away by the <.

Adopted or Stolen?

But a few days ago, Dhenai received the call she had long since stopped waiting: a woman picked up Barnie and after taking care of it for 3 years , decided to return it to him, reports Dailymail .

This woman, who lives with her daughter and 6 other cats, claims to have found Barnie and decided to keep him, without having never bothered to take him to the vet to make sure he did not have a family. "I do not know where they found it, but they live about an hour from here and said they found it three years ago", about 18 months after his death, says Dhenai Veale, who says having "been really shocked " when she learned that her cat was alive and adopted by another family

"She could no longer afford to keep it"

As soon as she received the call, Dhenai went to that woman's house to find Barnie. "She told me that she had 6 cats and that since her companion died she could not afford to keep it " she says without any grudge to the one who has yet to somehow stole her cat. She even offered him a bottle of champagne before leaving, his Barnie in his arms. "She should have checked if she had a flea when she found it, not just now, but everyone is different, and I'm so happy to have found ."

When she arrived home, she was so happy to be able to introduce Barnie to her 3-year-old boy. The child had a real crush on whoever might become his best 4-legged friend. The cat also found Porchis, the little dog that the family had adopted a month before his death.

Barnie is in good health even if he needs to follow a good diet and to undergo a small surgery for a problem of dentition, says Dhenai, who now intends to make up for lost time.