She receives flowers, thinks that her husband gives her a surprise but it's not at all that

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It all starts when a mother named Debbie receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Pleasantly surprised to see that her husband makes him a nice surprise , she drop the flowers at her home and starts reading the card that accompanies them. This is where she realizes that the flowers were absolutely not for her.

Flowers for Sebastian the dog

In reality, this beautiful bouquet of flowers was for Sebastian, the dog of the family. A ten-year-old dog that matters a lot to everyone and recently had to undergo surgery. So to show him how relieved everyone was that he was better than Debbie's husband decided to send her flowers.

Very amused by this whole story, Debbie decided to share it directly on her Facebook page to show how much her husband is a caring man and at the big heart. The couple's daughter also posted this anecdote on Twitter. Many people have said how fabulous it is to do this for a dog .

Lily Cardone on Twitter

A beautiful story that shows how much attachment to an animal can to be tall and that these little balls of hair are full family members. And if we believe the photos, Sebastian has visibly appreciated his little bouquet !

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