She posted a cat picture on Instagram, but did not expect

His cliché could have drowned among the countless photos that Instagram account, and yet...

Gaëlle Simon is photographer. One day, while she was walking in the village of Saint Meen the Great, in Brittany, she saw a pretty white cat with which she stayed a good half hour, "because he was cute, "she explains at 20 Minutes.

The 24-year-old takes 79 photos and decides to post one of them to her account Instagram . On this shot, we see the white cat on the threshold of a house, in a typical neighborhood. The feline, in full swing, is climbing a small step, and still has a paw on the road:

Instagram post by Very small love stories

The magic of the Web operates

It there is an effect to which the Niçoise did not expect. In the night, she receives an email from an employee of Instagram who asks her to post her photo on the official account of the social network... which has 230 million subscribers. The buzz is immediate : Gaëlle Simon sees his picture liked more than a million times, and his number of followers explode on his own account

So why such a success? According to the photographer, "it's the idea of ​​a little moment of life with the cat on an empty street," she told 20 Minutes . "This picture is France cartoons , that Beauty and the Beast . I think that's what seduced them. " A nice help from fate!

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