She photographs the tender moments of masters and their sick dogs

"Joy Session": that's the name that the American photographer Sarah Ernhart gave a series of extremely moving shots

Inspired by a truly shocking photo shoot featuring a woman with terminal cancer and her dog well - loved, she had the idea to propose to animal owners to immortalize tender moments passed in company of their companions with 4 legs seriously ill.

As she tells the site , Sarah was greatly moved by the story of this woman she photographed in 2009 with her companion dog, Joy. A faithful companion who had saved her mistress several times by detecting when she was about to have a fit.

"These sessions can be happy"

It is this unique link between humans and animals that she wished to put in the honor with her "Joy Session", thus baptized in homage to the dog Joy.

Of course, these photo sessions are charged in emotions, and in tears. " It's very emotional, it's a very delicate moment for those people who have lived with these animals all their lives. I really cried with some of the owners " confides

Sarah Beth Photography

" But these sessions can also be happy because the masters manage to talk about their little quirks, and things they like so much about their pets "

Sarah lives surrounded by two cats and a dog, a miniature Schnauzer. But she has never had to deal with the disease and the death of her animals.

Photographer for 8 years, Sarah launched her Joy Sessions in 2010, and has since realized more than a hundred of sessions . Her idea is so successful that she has created a network of photographers around the world, capturing tender moments between terminally ill animals and their masters.

Sarah Beth Photography

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