She photographs her daughter and her dog in the same situations, the result is adorable!

A year ago, day to day, tells the photographer Jesse Holland, his daughter Ella is returned home with a new hat. The young mother from California and settled in Canada could not resist the urge to draw her camera, to photograph the girl first. But amused by the result, she decided to also take her best four-legged friend in a photo, Charlie, with the same hat.

So was born a charming and funny series clichés featuring the child and the dog . The girl and her faithful companion, a Boston Terrier, pose in turn in the same situations imagined by Jesse.

Published on a tumblr entitled Handfulsotrouble , the photos are all more cute than the ones others and will delight the eyes and the heart of those who can not resist the face of a blond baby or in front of that of an adorable doggie.

Which of the little girl or the dog takes the best poses? Your turn to judge ! Anyway, one thing is certain: Jesse Holland has a crazy chance to have two so pretty models at home who do not get tired of posing for her!

"I love my family. I love my husband and I love my dog, even if it can sometimes be bad, it's too cute to resist "she says on her blog.

Who wears the dog better the cap?

On the way to school!

Which girl or dog is the most greedy?

Are not they crisp with their glasses?

Real little stars!

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