She pays the adoption fee of 900 sheltering animals

A resident of Sacramento, California, chose to make her fortune for the benefit of the animals, taking herself into charges the adoption fees of 900 of them!

Some generous people do not hesitate to donate colossal sums for the associations. Others prefer to leave them their property. Kim Pacini-Hauch has decided to pay all vaccination, sterilization and identification fees for 900 animals at the Front Street Animal Shelter. Its purpose? Facilitating their adoption

Fees for adoption, a brake?

In fact, adoption in a shelter is not completely destroyed: it is necessary to pay amount corresponding to reimbursement of vaccination, sterilization and identification fees. At the Front Street Animal Shelter shelter, it is therefore necessary to count between 60 and 80 euros to adopt a dog or a cat. This amount, which may seem symbolic (for comparison, adoption in a French shelter costs about 250 euros), however, represents a brake to adoption for some people. Because when one does not have many means, it is not always obvious to spend so much money, even with the best will of the world...

To palliate this problem, Kim Pacini-Hauch, a broker in luxury real estate in Sacramento, so decided to take care of these costs. And thanks to this operation, more than 50 animals have already been adopted! The young woman, who has herself adopted her dog in this shelter, hopes to allow " all animals to have a house for Christmas ."

Good or bad idea?

Kim Pacini-Hauch's initiative is based on a very good feeling and is laudable, but it is permissible to wonder about its consequences: if the associations make payment for adoptions, it is not only to repay the costs of sterilization, identification and vaccination. It is also to ensure the seriousness of adopters , since a person not really wanting an animal would not pay such a sum to have one. And above all, if the person can not pay 60 to 80 euros for the adoption, how will she be able to support the animal (food, veterinarian, etc.)? This adoption price is therefore a form of guarantee, a kind of first selection of adopters... that the initiative of the young woman could delete.

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