She orders an Uber and can not believe her eyes when she receives a message from the driver

A very nice meeting

Taking an Uber to get to one place or another has become a common thing for everyone.

A Uber like no other

That's how a woman living in Georgia decided to call an Uber to go somewhere. Everything goes as usual until she receives a text message from her approaching Uber driver. A rather unusual message

"Hello, I am your driver Uber. I just wanted to let you know that I have my service dog with me.

A few seconds later, the car stops in front of her and she meets Bullet, an adorable Pomsky (cross between the Husky and the Dwarf Spitz, or Pomeranian Lulu).

Delighted, the woman climbs into the taxi, rejoicing to be able to make tons of hugs to this adorable dog. But the dog was on duty and so stayed close to his master to watch over him

Petty Mayonnaise on Twitter

Anyway, this woman is not ready to forget this trip in Uber! She even talked about it on Twitter.

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