She mutilated her dog for drugs

A woman was arrested last week at a veterinary practice in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA. She is suspected of having mutilated her dog with a razor in order to obtain painkillers that she kept for her, reports . An act of cruelty that opens the eyes of veterinarians on a new level of animal abuse

Deep lacerations

"Generally, as veterinarians, we see good people, who save abandoned animals, or injured animals on the street, "says veterinarian Dr. Bailey, one of the doctors at Elizabethtown Animal Hospital. "Such a thing is unexplored territory."

If veterinarians were worried about the bitch, a golden retriever they renamed Alice is because Heather Pereira, 23, had been here for a few weeks more early. The animal required sutures twice in October as her lacerations were deep.

So when she came back on December 4, with her animal in the arms with similar injuries and still claiming the same medication, the team from the hospital called the police. The young woman already known to justice for theft and drug cases, confessed and said to have done the same luck in another clinic .

"I'm sure the dog has it already pardoned "

Acts of torture against an animal and obtaining a substance controlled by the fraud, she was incarcerated at the Hardin County Detention Center from which she can be released on bail. 5000 dollars.
Alice, she has been entrusted to a host family and is doing well today. "It's a big dog, wagging its tail, and I'm sure it's already forgiven , that's how dogs work, they love us unconditionally," says Dr. Bailey.