She crosses a dog in front of the hospital and can not hold her tears when she discovers the truth about her

A truly shocking story

Last month, Cristine Sardella was at a hospital appointment when she saw a dog waiting sitting on the doorstep, alone . If stray dogs are not rare in Brazil, this one had something special in his eyes, as if he were sad.

And if the nice dog was willing to get up to let people who wanted to enter, he always went back to exactly the same place. Cristine Sardella soon discovered that the dog was not a stray dog, but a dog that was waiting for someone who would never come ...

A heartbreaking story

Touched by this dog Not like the others, Cristine Sardella then goes to the reception of the hospital to know more about it. This is where she discovers her story. The dog actually belonged to a homeless man who was stabbed in a park four months ago . When the ambulance took away its master, the dog ran behind without ever stopping. He then settled on the doorstep to await the return of his master. Unfortunately, his master did not survive his injuries and will never come back. It is for this reason that for several months the dog has been waiting, with the hope of seeing him again and without moving.

Since the dog is there, all the members of the hospital make sure that his stay is pleasant by offering him food and a blanket. But this is not enough for Cristine Sardella who is determined to act

A faithful dog

She posts a message on social networks and answers rain. Soon, a man comes to pick up the brave dog, but things do not go well. The dog escapes and returns directly to the hospital

Not knowing what to do, Cristine Sardella discovers that finally a member of the hospital staff volunteered to adopt the dog when it is ready . In the meantime, he stays warm in the hospital where he is pampered by everyone.

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