She meets a cat who is asking for help and notices an important detail

An encounter that falls right!

While she was on the streets of Montreal, Lyne heard a cat call for help and decided to have a closer look what is he returning? She then calls the cat - which is actually a cat - and she comes trotting and then throws herself into his arms .

"She jumped into her arms, as if she were had been waiting a long time. Someone was finally here to help him.

Grateful, the cat starts rubbing against Lyne and purring. In order to make sure the cat - named Katnyss - is in good health, Lyne decides to take her on a tour to the vet. This is where she discovers that the cat is waiting for small ! That's why Katnyss was so eager to find help. She wanted to protect her future kittens.

Back from the vet, Katnyss settled comfortably at Lyne where she quickly took her marks and began to purr. A few days later, the cat gives birth to three adorable kittens in perfect health. The Orphaned Kittens Montreal association then takes the entire small family in charge to make sure that all is well and provide the necessary first aid.

Then, the whole family was placed in a host family where Katnyss can take care of her little ones quietly and show them all the love she has for them. Named Betty, Lola and Verlaine, the three kittens are in perfect health and can then be offered for adoption .

Katnyss wandered the streets in search of a helping hand, today she is safe with her little ones.

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