It makes cat hair jewelry

Wear fur without harming the life of cats innocent animals, it's now possible! By creating a range of cat hair jewelry , a creator of cat accessories and toys wanted to give a touch of glamor to the " cat woman " (" crazy cat lady .

Combining fashion with love for the feline, it was a risky bet that Kate Benjamin did not hesitate to meet. And if some people already want to sneeze at the sight of these balls of hair set on fantasy frames, that they make sure, the necklaces and hairy rings of Kate leave no one indifferent.

Carefully precise, these unique pieces (earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings) come from the fur of the cat after a good brushing , they are not made from the rolls of felt that the cat eliminates with elegance on the carpet of the living room!

Jewelry... shimmering!

How to create jewelry in cat's hair? Nothing really complicated after Kate Benjamin; just brush your cat regularly with a brush (Foolee type for example) then roll the pile of hairs recovered between his hands, until obtaining a ball with the felt-like appearance

For the rest, just use his imagination : remove the cultured pearls from his necklace 3 rows, the solitaire of his engagement ring to put the balls of hair of your living room tiger... It's up to you.

Is it worth mentioning, cat hair jewelry is strongly not recommended for allergies . That said, even among fervent admirers of cute kittens, we are not sure to find many ready to wear such hairy jewelry.