She loses her cat, finds him in a shelter and makes a shocking discovery

A huge shock.

That's in Philadelphia this dark history unfolded. A few days ago, Kim Schmidt lost his Stinky cat who escaped from his home. After two days of intensive research, Kim Schmidt discovers that her cat is actually in a shelter . He was recovered during his fugue and placed there, for lack of tattoo or chip to identify him.

When she learns that her cat is in a shelter, Kim Schmidt is reassured. She rushes to the spot and discovers the horrible truth: her cat was amputated with a paw . When she asks why, the shelter simply tells her that the cat was limping and that they could not make a radio, so they made the decision to amputate it.

"We understand that it is shocking and very painful and we regret that she has to go through such a trial, "said a shelter member.

Refuge members also reported that the cat was not identified, so it was impossible for them to know his medical history . Because in reality, as Kim Schmidt will explain, her cat has always been a little limp.

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