She leaves her dog in her yard, a few minutes after she hears screams (Video)

Leaving her dog out for a few minutes, she did not expect that at all...

A few minutes after leaving her dog Chloe alone in the yard of her home, Jo Ellen Kleinhenz heard a heartbreaking cry. Immediately, she came out to see what was happening and saw her dog in the middle of a small pond (the area had just been partially flooded) clinging while something was trying to catching him .

Looking more closely, Jo Ellen Kleinhenz notes that is actually an alligator trying to catch his resistant dog by clinging to a branch. Finally, seeing that the little bitch did not count on being let down, the alligator gave up after a few seconds and disappeared into the pond.

A real survivor

Jo Ellen Kleinhenz grabbed her dog and went to the house. veterinarian for treatment because she has multiple injuries. Once on site, the veterinarian can only see a penetrating wound on the belly and broken bones. By the way, his lungs and stomach were full of water. It was therefore difficult to know if the dog would survive or not.

After several operations and the amputation of a leg , Chloe was fit again and ready to run everywhere despite her recent disability

Puppy survives alligator attack with help from veterinarian

"I get the impression that if everybody behaved like Chloe, the world would be a better place. ยป

One thing is certain, we can only salute the courage of Chloe

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