She goes around the world on a sailboat accompanied by her cat

Liz Clark and her feline Amelia live on a sailboat called "Swell". And above, it's together that they go around the world.

Liz adopted Amelia after finding her in an abandoned house in French Polynesia. Since then, the six-month-old, and she, have become inseparable fellow travelers. And this, even if, at first, the young woman did not think to keep this poor little kitten.

Indeed, for her, the sailor's life was not suitable for an animal. But fate has decided otherwise: Liz has never found any owners who could take care of Amelia.

Liz - still dubious about the feline's presence - then did everything to make sure that Amelia would be really happy aboard her sailboat: cats needing to jump, climb and run, she made the decision to take breaks to bring back the ball of hair on the ground...

She said to herself if the cat did not go running too far, she would agree to live on the boat with her.

And when arrived safely, Amelia did not go away, always staying near Liz . She even went back on the "Swell" of herself! It was at this moment that the young woman understood that this cat would be his and ready to go around the world with her... provided, of course, to be able to stretch your legs from time to time!

"She adapted. She learned to trust me that she was safe with me , "Liz told TheDodo about her sea tomcat. Especially since the yacht has become his playground today! Climb, jump, play, imitate the captain... Amelia never stops!

Once, on a tropical island, the kitten went on an expedition alone. The young woman never stopped looking for her all the time, however, starting to reconcile with the idea that her cat might not come back... but Liz's hard work paid off, Amelia has returned after about forty days , and since then, the pair has become inseparable: whether in dinners on other boats, outings to restaurants, billiard halls or other places on earth, they are always together!

" Building trust like this with an animal is one of the most rewarding possibilities in my life ," Liz said.

A beautiful story that is warm to the heart as witness a real crush between a cat and his human and you can continue to follow on their account Instagram and website !

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