She goes home and understands that she will not see her cat again

The shock.

It's on the way back at home that Saowarak Charoen had a vision of horror: a huge python five meters long was in his kitchen, as if nothing had happened. But the horror does not stop there since the huge python took advantage of the absence of the woman of 59 years to swallow her cat named Bobo.

"When help arrived, they told me that the snake was huge . I was shocked.

Shocked, she immediately called the police and two policemen arrived quickly to help her. Three animal specialists also go to the site.

The men grab the python and take it out of the house. As the animal had difficulty digesting the three-kilo cat, the reinforcements help him regurgitate him. After a few minutes, the python spits out the poor tomcat who obviously did not survive .

His mistress then buried him in his garden so that he always stays close to him. it . And although she is obviously very sad about the death of her cat, Saowarak Charoen is relieved to know that her second cat is safe and sound.

As for the python, it has been released in the wild.

Below , you can discover the video of the python regurgitating the cat ATTENTION , the pictures can CHOKE .

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