She gets her dog from the groomer and explodes with laughter when she sees the result!

A real disaster. Unless it's art.

To "refresh" her dog a bit, Lindsay's mom decided to give her a little grooming session. Nothing like to have a perfect look before sunny days. Unfortunately, there was obviously a small misunderstanding between the mother and the groomer .

A totally failed (and very funny) cut

When Lindsay found her dog on her way home from school, Lindsay burst out laughing. Not only his dog - usually curly - is completely shaved, but he only has hair above his head! A look worthy of a boy-band singer of the 90s. Not believing her eyes, Lindsay decides to share this beautiful cut on the Internet , where everyone seems to find it very funny.

Lindsay Martin on Twitter

And because the photo still has more than 50,000 shares !

When questioning her mother about the reason for the disaster, Lindsay only has the right to this answer: " He wanted to keep the length on the top ". The least we can say is that she takes this "mistake" with a lot of humor.

Moreover, she will wait a few days before going to cut the last hairs and to equalize the all. Just the time for the brave dog to become a star of the social networks.

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