She finds a stray cat, strokes her and urgently calls for help

StellaLuna really needed someone to help and love her

On October 30th, Carmen Weinberg from Animal Friends Project Inc. in Palm Beach received a call from help about a kitten found in a garden. At first sight, the kitten seemed rather healthy, but it was not the case. Looking more closely, the woman who contacted the association notes that the tomcat is covered with crusts .

"Obviously, the kitten was suffering from scabies ," explains Carmen Weinberg who sent her sister to look for the little ball of hair for her. Once in the company of the kitten, Carmen Weinberg can only notice that he keeps purring, as if relieved to finally be taken care of.

Huge ears

Once the little cat - named StellaLuna - at home, Carmen begins to take care of it and quickly understands that she is starving because she only has skin on her bones. Her body is so frail that her ears look absolutely huge, excessive.

Very docile, StellaLuna is then treated without saying anything and without ever complaining . To help her, Carmen applies coconut oil to her skin to make her feel better. Always snuggled against her new mom, StellaLuna started to transform herself with constant care and unlimited food. Her hair has even begun to grow back.

A new life for StellaLuna

In two weeks in her new home, the little cat discovered love and realized that she could trust her new mother against whom she spends most of her time because she does not like to be alone Cuddled and pampered, StellaLuna is already starting to get much better and turns every day a little more into a beautiful pussy.

true little love on legs that will never have to fear for his life.

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