She finds a kitten very badly under a house, a year later...

Love transforms, Kobe proves it.

A year ago, a friend of Chloe called her panicked to tell her that she had discovered a kitten in distress , meowing for help, hidden under a house. The young woman went immediately and crawled under the house to get out the little feline who was in very poor health, very dirty, emaciated and covered with parasite.

A new chance

His mother n ' was not around and he did not seem to have eaten for days. So she decided to keep it and give her a second chance .

Once at home, she fed him and gave him several baths to rid him of the fleas that infested his little body. puny whose only bones were visible. Once sated and clean, the kitty barely 2 or 3 weeks has not let go Chloe. He clung to his fingers for cuddles and followed her wherever she went.

Baptized Kobe, he soon fell asleep against her, in her big bed, feeling for the first time in his life safe and loved. A year later, this tiny ball of hair has turned into a beautiful tiger cat in full health. He still loves his human and loves to express himself and have conversations with her, certainly for the thank you for saving it!

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