She finds a family with a lost cat thanks to a hilarious

A Bordelaise with no humor has recently made many people laugh by trying to help a lost cat to find his owners...

All is well which ends well. Good Samaritan soul, a 22-year-old woman stole a living tiger that had been lost far from home. How? By producing a poster for the least original, reported the Huffington Post . On this one, a text with a piquant humor and a cliché where she appeared masked face, cat with arms.


"I found your cat, now it's mine, I like it ", could you read on it " I'm kidding, he's fine, I fed him properly with 86 and steaks in his bowl, but he claims you day and night... Come quickly to get it, I love spring rolls. "

A new family for the matou

And the least we can say is that his funny message quickly became viral. Photographed and posted on Twitter, it has been retweeted more than 4000 times in 3 days. However... the masters of the cat were unfortunately not found.

"He was clearly tamed, but his owner did not show up. As I could not keep it, I found a family that really wanted a cat "," she told our colleagues.

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