She feeds stray dogs, each day one of them gives her a present (Video)

And not just any gifts!

The life of stray dogs is not easy and they risk dying every day. Fortunately, there are people in the big heart who do their best to improve the lives of these animals . This is the case of a woman named Orawan Kaewla-iat who lives in Thailand. Every day, this woman leaves bowls of rice to feed the stray dogs of her neighborhood.

A dog like no other

If all the dogs are very grateful to Orawan Kaewla-iat, one of them their behavior is even more amazing. Not only does Tua Plu show his gratitude by hugging, but he makes a point of bringing a present every day to this woman who gives him food.

And his ritual is always the same : Tua Plu arrives at Orawan Kaewla-iat with her mother and with an object in her mouth. A gift he brings back to Orawan Kaewla-iat to thank her for his kindness. He then drops the gift - often a leaf or other pieces of wood - before receiving his bowl of rice

A scene so cute that Orawan Kaewla-iat decided to film and share everything this beautiful story on Facebook so that it spreads around the world. And that's what happened since the story of Orawan Kaewla-iat quickly became viral

อร วรรณ แก้ว ละเอียด

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