She explores the strange and fascinating beauty of hairless cats (Photos)

Matous famous for their conversation and side pot of glue with their humans, Sphynx cats do not enjoy the best reputations. We prefer long-haired cat that still leaves hair on all our clothes and fabrics, and the roundness of the round, yet not as fascinating as that of these very elegant cats with soft and warm skin

This singular beauty, and their endearing look on which we must stop rather than on their wrinkled face, the Spanish photographer Alicia Rius set the challenge to sublimate it. And she has managed her bet.

Her shots are a very nice tribute to this breed of cat that is so much to be known, say all those who had the chance to have one for roommate.

"This breed shows what a real cat "

" Sphynx (naked cats) fascinates me in many ways I'm attracted to their extraterrestrial look There is something disturbing and strange that surprises me with each Once I look at one, "writes the photographer on the site BoredBanda .

" Without soft layers nor fantasy, this breed shows what a real cat is, everything is raw, exposed, vulnerable This work is an exploration of the beauty of the Sphynx in their quirkiness

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