She discovers a suitcase containing 6 kittens and a word...

Orford, UK, a suspicious suitcase was found in front of a school in the city

Fortunately for the container, it is an animal lover who fell on it...

While Kaysie Sheridan leads as every day her son at school, she discovers a small piece of luggage left in a corner of the school.

Intrigued, she approaches and discovers the incredible contents of this bag: six little cats, barely three weeks old!

One word accompanied the litter: " Help us! Call the RSPCA please. Forgive us. Or call Cats Protection - they do not help me. The only thing to do is to throw them away. I'm sorry. " A message of hopelessness somewhat confusing.

Kaysie's family decided to collect these six little animals until they were all tight. She will keep three of them afterwards and will adopt the other small cats, who are currently all in good health.

The refuges mentioned in the note have however defended themselves, explaining that they did not at this time, no room to accommodate the range.