She fights her fear of dogs to save the life of one of them

Witness of a scene of a rare violence during which a wandering bitch was peeling, a young Bulgarian from a modest background did not hesitate to face his fear of the canine genus to help him...

It takes courage to face his fears and his family! "A group of kids throwing stones at him. I have always been afraid of dogs. But I could not let a creature suffer when I could help, "said 9-year-old Anita Valkova, on Reddit social network earlier this month. Touched after seeing her "covered in blood" following the attack she had just witnessed unhappily since the school playground, she knew she had to act and this even if her family had advised her to let go of the business. Alfeiya, nicknamed Alpha, is a bitch who was abandoned in winter 2015. In order to help her save her, the girl naturally asked help to her mom and her grandparents but...

"they all told me that I could not do anything about it and that I had to give it up." Also, refusing to let herself be defeated, she then contacted her dad with whom she "does not usually speak" . Having been able to free himself, he arrived and with his daughter, wrapped the animal in a blanket to take him to the vet. The generosity of veterinarians

Suffering from demodicosis, a kind of scabies that affects the skin, the bitch - sick - lacked hair in places

"Her treatment was very expensive, we had to borrow money to take her medicine" , testified the girl. But affected by its rescue, veterinary specialists decided to grant him a reduction . The dog, washed, therefore received the first aid necessary for its survival and was put on antibiotics. Then Anita's mom came to visit Alpha... and gave in to her daughter:

she agreed to adopt Anita and Alfeiya, the best friends?

On the 30th December 2015, the dog became a full member of the family of her heroine. Although still afraid of the animal, Anita decided to give Alpha a bath that was afraid of the water. But both of them trusted each other, for the best and only the best.

"I dried her fur, then she conquered my bed" , she said. effect written on Reddit. Today they have tamed each other and become inseparable. Perfectly cured, Alfeiya gives its maximum to make the happiness of its human.

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