She bids farewell to her cat and receives a beautiful gift from fate

Such a beautiful encounter.

As she had just bid farewell to her 15-year-old adored cat and was still devastated by this loss, Kirsten Seeger had a meeting that would change everything. Volunteer in an association that helps cats in need, Kirsten usually drives them to the vet to allow them to be examined and cared for.

That day is a superb cat named Champion she accompanies quietly to the vet, the heart always heavy to have lost his cat. During the whole race, Champion tries to get out of his box. Kirsten ends up letting him out and the cat immediately climbs into his lap and gives him heaps of cuddling while purring .

Once at the vet, Champion's love for Kirsten was obvious to everyone. Cat did not want to leave . It was as if Champion understood that she had just lost her cat and wanted to comfort her.

A New Life for Champion

So without hesitation Kirsten Seeger decided to adopt Champion and offer him a family for life. Renowned Sergio, the cat could not be happier

"I can not imagine a life in which he would not be with me," says Kirsten who is totally crazy about her cat.

A real little angel come to console and love .

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