She asks the vet to euthanize her dog for a revolting reason

rescue fortunately the vet had another idea.

Deebo had to be euthanized. At least that's what his mistress wanted when she took him to the vet. Faced with the dog, the practitioner simply refuses to practice euthanasia , saving the life of Deebo.

"We received a call for a dog that had to be euthanized because of tumors on the mouth. As the dog was barely 5 years old, it caught my attention because it is rare to have to euthanize dogs so young, "says Dr. Eric Setzer

A dog in very bad shape

When Deebo entered the office, Eric Setzer could only see his deplorable state. The dog was not only emaciated, but had an infection on the skin and both ears. On the other hand, what he had on the mouth was not a tumor, simply abscesses . All this was therefore perfectly treatable and did not ask to euthanize this poor dog under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, Deebo's mistress does not want to hear anything . She refuses to pay for medical expenses to heal her dog and continues to demand euthanasia. The vet then offered him to leave his dog in the office.

Eric Setzer then sought the help of an association to pay the medical expenses of Deebo who stayed in the clinic for three weeks to receive various treatments. Three weeks in which Deebo really befriended Eric Setzer

Man with big heart, Eric Setzer is not at his first attempt when it comes to saving animals he has already adopted a dog while his masters wanted to euthanize him and do the same with a cat.

And Eric Setzer to specify that each person who adopts an animal must be well aware that it has a cost, especially medical . Always must be absolutely sure to be able to take care

In a few weeks, Deebo will finally be able to adopt and start a new life.

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