She arrives at the shelter to see cats and makes a request that upsets all volunteers

No one believed in it...

Adopted as a kitten, Bailey was taken back to the shelter six years later. A very difficult return for the girl who has struggled to find its mark and understand why it was overnight in this place. She did not support the presence of other cats , and showed herself every day a little more temperamental

5 years later...

Despite all the care and love of the volunteers of the refuge of Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers, Bailey remained sad. And unfortunately for her, five years later she still had not found a family. Now aged 11, Bailey had just needed to be given a chance ...

"Because of important allergies, are previous owner could no longer keep her... But no one suspected that 5 years later this beautiful cat would still be at the shelter, alone..."

A week ago, a woman named Holly arrived at the shelter and made a request like no other. She wanted to see a cat that had been in the shelter for a very long time . The volunteers immediately thought of Bailey

A new life for Bailey

At this first meeting, Holly and Bailey spend time together and get to know each other. Holly then decides to visit other shelters, but she can not get Bailey out of the head and decides to apply for adoption.

At the shelter, everyone was overjoyed for Bailey and the cat began to purr as soon as she arrived in her new home, as if to prove that she was not a grumpy cat despite appearances. At Holly's, Bailey will be the only cat and will have all the space at her disposal as well as a lot of love.

After 1806 days waiting for a new family, Bailey is now enjoying her chance and makes the happiness of her new masters that she follows absolutely everywhere in the house.

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