She advises her pregnant sister NOT to adopt a puppy, but she does not listen...

While his sister waits his first child, a user d'imgur advises him not to adopt a dog. Caring for a dog and a baby at the same time is not easy. But his sister decided not to listen to him and the most beautiful friendship was born.

Refusing to listen to the advice given by her sister, the mother-to-be decided to adopt an adorable ball of fur. A beautiful black labrador. A good idea since since the day of the birth of his daughter, the labrador and the baby became inseparable. A very beautiful friendship without the shadow of an argument , even when the dog stealthily stole the baby biscuits!

As they grew older, the two inseparable ones continued to do everything together: either watch cartoons in the morning, go to school or still play, or just hang out. The Best Friends of the World

This year, after ten years of standing next to each other without leaving each other, the dog had to undergo surgery for a benign tumor. And unsurprisingly, his little mistress remained with him during his entire convalescence, not leaving him with a sole .

In 2007, a user of Imgur advised her sister to not not adopting a puppy because she is going to have a baby

What she did not know is that the dog and her niece would become the best friends of the world

Growing up, the girl has set up a tradition : watch Sunday cartoons with his dog

No matter what they did, they were just inseparable

Even to go to school

The best friends of the world

This year, the dog has had a benign tumor, but his mistress has not left him

If it's not friendship, what is it?

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