She adopts a very shy cat on all fours and makes it the happiest of cats

Batman was too scared to leave his cage at the shelter but Lauren was able to teach him to trust the human being and since then, the black and white cat is filled with

Nobody knows what this poor cat lived for the first 3 years of his life but when he was discovered by the Animal Control Service of Wake County, North Carolina, he missing a paw . His past, probably very difficult, made him very fearful and stressed. He dared not get out of his cage and was so nervous that he broke his claws by scratching. His behavior (and the black mask he seems to wear) earned him the name of Batman even though the cat was far from having the same mundane life as the real identity of the superhero.

A meeting that will change everything

When she learned about the difficulties faced by the black and white cat, the local SPA decided to help him and welcomed him in a shelter where he could live in a real room and no longer a cage. Nevertheless, the cat remained extremely shy and had trouble adjusting to life with other cats. Until the day Lauren arrived . She was looking for a cat to adopt and play with those of the shelter, without seeing Batman hiding in a corner. When he understood that she had not had a heart stroke for any, he took his head out of his hiding place. She saw him, caressed him and when he wanted to isolate himself again when approaching another cat, she knew she could not leave him there.

Lauren had found her cat and Batman his human. Although their love at first sight was mutual, the feline had trouble getting used to his new life. He spent several days hidden under the bed after his arrival at home and it took a lot of patience and love from his mistress for that he regains confidence . A few months later, he finally behaved like a normal cat, forgetting even his handicap and enjoying life, innocently, like a kitten!

"Batman is a nice boy who loves to sleep on his human, to watch the birds, enjoy the sun and eat shrimp treats, says Lauren at Love Meow . He is very intelligent and he knows what "no" means. He is always scared, he hates lawnmowers and thunderstorms, but he has made such a path since I adopted it 2 years ago, "she is moved. The super-heronron has found its mission: to look after the one who saved it and share its love, every day.

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