She adopts a cat with cut ears which no one wanted, he gives it to him x10000

After losing both ears because of cysts that could not be treated in time, Otitis was undesirable for all those seeking to adopt a companion. Until Molly discovers her picture.

At the end of her studies, Molly decided it was time to adopt an animal. She who has anxiety and lived all her childhood surrounded by cats knew that only a tomcat could help her to calm down. But she did not want any feline. She wanted to save one who would have had trouble finding a family because of a disability. In searching for her future companion, she fell on Otitis and immediately knew it was the right one.

A second chance

This white cat must have been amputated both ears because of cysts that had developed and that his previous could not afford to treat. The Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore took care of him and saved his life. Otitis was once again close to finding the warmth of a home and the love of a human, but no one wanted the nine and a half-year-old cat looking like a seals

. Nobody, except Molly!

The new life of Otitis Love at first sight has been mutual since once at home, Otitis has not stopped covering his human with cuddles and purring. Since then, his behavior has not changed and he watches over Molly as a guardian angel

. He watches the slightest of his movements and is ready in case of an anxiety attack. When one happens, he snuggles against her and gives her all his love. "He's the only one who can calm me down," Molly says to Love Meow . He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He saved me

, not the other way around. You too have adopted a cat who knows how to comfort you when things are not going well? Tell us his story in the section of the "Happy Adopted"