She abandons her dog "too old" after 20 years of common life

Sonoma has spent 20 beautiful years with her mistress in a warm and loving home. But, becoming too old in the eyes of her human, she loosely found herself behind the bars of a shelter, in San Diego, California.

We can not repeat it enough: when we adopt a dog, we is committed for fifteen years. And it's not because your dog gets sick or gets old that you can get rid of it like an overused toy. Sonoma has paid the price. This 20 year old Cocker spent long and happy years with his mistress. But because of her advanced age, she preferred to entrust him to a animal shelter ... The poor dog was completely lost!

The shelter says no to euthanasia

Fortunately, Sonoma n It was not bad: while the shelter staff could have decided to euthanize him, he chose instead to give him every chance to have a decent end of life. Especially since this dog is not in poor health despite his age : he suffers from an ulcer at an oelig; he and an infection of the ears that can both be treated

Sonoma is therefore proposed to adoption , and the shelter will cover his medical expenses until the end of his life. Let's hope that this brave dog finds a loving home where he can fully enjoy his old days...

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