She abandons her dog near a shelter before seeking to retrieve

While she had abandoned her dog not far from a shelter, a woman wanted to recover it after a report broadcast on France 3 Center - Loire Valley

The story begins in June. A dog is found abandoned, attached to a post , not far from the SPA Nargis, near Montargis in the Loiret. The dog, named Rocky by his first mistress, had not received the care he needed since he was covered with fleas, unvaccinated, and lacked a lot of hair.

Quickly, the refuge discovers that in reality the animal sleeps outside, has no shelter and has a simple cover. In short, living conditions far too short .

She wants to recover her dog after having abandoned

No doubt remorse after viewing the report broadcast on France 3 Center-Val de Loire who was centered on the shelter of Nargis, the mistress of Rocky decides to manifest itself and announces to want to recover his dog. Of course, the SPA firmly refused to return the animal, judging that it was unable to handle it properly.

Nargis SPA

a complaint for abandonment on public roads was filed . For its part, Rocky was renamed Hope and should soon be able to join a new family.

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